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Day 3 : Monday 5th September 2005

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From Angels to Saints

I had booked a car service to the airport at noon, but again without a car there was not much that I was able to do before this time, except go for a short walk after breakfast. When it eventually came time to go, I checked out and found that the car I had ordered was in fact a stretch limo!! I was actually quite embarrassed getting in, but considering this was only a couple of dollars more than a regular taxi, and bearing in mind the poor experience I had had on the way over, I was quite chuffed about the situation in the end!

UA926 Los Angeles (LAX) - San Francisco (SFO)

I took a cab from the airport to the hotel, the famous Mark Hopkins Intercontinental. This is right at the top of the rather amusingly named Nob Hill and I was glad that my initial interest in getting the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) had not materialised into serious action. The BART station is at the bottom of the hill. The hill is very steep. I had luggage. It is likely entirely likely I would not have made it (or suffered a coronary trying).

After checking in to this fabulous hotel (more on the hotel page later in the week), I went for an initial stroll to see Grace cathedral, although it was closed up. Back in the hotel I had a few drinks in the Club lounge, including three naughty glasses of champagne, I headed out to Chinatown to grab some food and found myself at a rather nice and unusualy sounding R&G Lounge where I ate at the bar. The food was excellent and the atmosphere alive and buzzing - I really recommend this place (on Kearney St.)

I was then faced with the daunting prospect of walking back up Nob Hill. This is no mean feat. I think in the 5 days that I'm here I am going to get seriously fit. Either that, or muscle my way onto a streetcar or two! I was back in the hotel and in bed shortly after 9pm (getting better, but my usual affliction of narcolepsy mixed with jet lag really doesn't help ).

San Francisco stroll