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AA28 Honolulu International (HNL) - San Francisco International (SFO)

Date: 21 June 2007
Departure (scheduled): 12:50
Arrival (scheduled): 20:45
Aircraft: Boeing 757-200
Cabin: First
Seat: 1A

I was somewhat disappointed when I saw that the aircraft at my gate was a 757, which meant the seats with less legroom and recline. I had queried this at check-in when I was moved to 1A (I knew there was no row 1 on the 767, having studied the seat map a few times in preparation!) but the check-in agent had assured me it was the 767. Oh well, 1A is not a bad seat, even on the 757! I also noticed that this aircraft was fitted with very large upturned winglets at the tip of each wing.

Boarding was slightly delayed and the gate was packed - it seemed there were far more people than would fit on the aircraft. But it was not long before we were boarding and I was one of the first on the plane. I settled in 1A and sitting next to me was an elderly lady who was keen to tell everyone that this was her first ever time in First class and that her daughter had sorted it all out for her!

We taxied out to the reef runway and took off towards downtown Honolulu, with a big right turn giving wonderful views from my side of the aircraft of Honolulu and Waikiki beach where I had stayed. However all too soon we were heading away from the islands and across the beautiful blue Pacific for our four and a half hour trip back to the American mainland.

Again service was provided without a printed menu and began from the front, so I had a choice of BBQ chicken breast with rice or the three cheese pasta I'd had on the outbound. This time I went for the chicken and, although somewhat bland, it was much better than the pasta had been. This was followed by ice cream, although not the properly prepared Sundae I'd heard about it was still delicious.

I started with a glass of sparkling wine, but continued with a number of glasses of the delicious red wine, which was topped up many times by the attentive crew. I even started to get strange looks from the elderly woman sitting next to me as the flight went on!

The film was the very good "Starter for Ten" which I thoroughly enjoyed. Before long, the Californian coast appeared and San Francisco skyline was just about visible in the rapidly darkening skies. We came in with no holding, over the Bay and into San Francisco in a northerly direction, over some very strange formations on the ground that looked like salt pools or something. This was another very pleasant flight on American.

Take off views of Honolulu and Waikiki ...

... and Diamond Head


Approach to San Francisco