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AA283 Los Angeles International (LAX) - Honolulu International (HNL)

Date: 18 June 2007
Departure (scheduled): 15:15
Arrival (scheduled): 17:50
Aircraft: Boeing 767-300
Cabin: First
Seat: 5D

Upon entering the aircraft I noted immediately the much improved seating arrangement on this wide body 767. With two aisles, seats were arranged 2-2-2 and the legroom was substantially enhanced - around 60" seat pitch I believe. This was much more akin to a normal long haul business class arrangement (albeit a slightly older one now). The seats were slightly less comfortable, being narrower, but the recline was much greater and leg and foot rests were provided (all mechanically operated, rather than electronic). Again there were no personal TV's, just a main projector at the front of the cabin.

Water, orange juice and champagne were offered as pre-departure drinks and I took a glass of champagne which was re-filled a couple of times. Push back was again on time and despite a long-ish taxi to the other side of the airfield, we were soon underway and out over the vastness of the Pacific ocean. Drinks service was started and I had a sumptuous red wine (Cabernet Sauvignon) and a delicious bowl of mixed warmed nuts, which were replenished at least once.

Maybe because this is more of a leisure destination, there were no menus for this flight, although service did again start from the back. The main menu items were either baby-back ribs with mashed potato, or a cheese ravioli dish which I ended up choosing. The meal was presented in three courses, starting with a salad with Italian dressing, which was nice. The pasta dish was so-so, but I really didn't fancy the sound of ribs and mashed potato as airline food. For dessert, I tasted for the first time the famous American ice cream sundae and it was absolutely delicious, fulling living up to its reputation. Throughout the meal I continued with the really rather good red wine.

Similar to the flight earlier in the day, the entertainment started with CBS programming (unfortunately the same as had been shown previously) and the film this time was Breach, which interestingly I was intending to watch on the BA flight, had not the loaded programmes been different to those in the magazine - a stroke of luck perhaps! Anyway, it was a very enjoyable movie (about the capture of the American FBI spy Robert Hanssen).

Again, after the movie had finished, I reclined and tried to get some sleep, remarkably successfully and it didn't feel like long before we were descending into Honolulu, with great views of Big Island, Maui and Molokai out the left hand side and Oahu out the right. Sitting in the middle, I missed all this of course! A mental note was made to ensure a window seat on the way back! Oh, and I managed to miss the cookies and milk again.

The crew had again been wonderful on this flight, attentive and active in the cabin whenever needed. Both this flight and the previous ones had really been a very positive introduction to American Airlines.

Flagship Lounge at LAX