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AA25 Boston Logan International (BOS) - Los Angeles International (LAX)

Date: 18 June 2007
Departure (scheduled): 07:45
Arrival (scheduled): 10:50
Aircraft: Boeing 757-200
Cabin: First
Seat: 5F

As soon as the flight was shown as boarding, I headed for the gate and was surprised to see that almost everyone had already got on the aircraft! I was almost the last to enter the First class cabin, which I was to find would be full for this flight. I took my window seat 5F and immediately noticed the lack of legroom and the fact that I would have to ask my neighbour to get out of his seat in order to get out to go to the toilet etc. However, I did find the leather clad seat to feel very comfortable.

Water and orange juice were offered as pre-departure drinks and the menu was handed out for this flight. We pushed back on time and there was only a small delay to wait for a few arrivals before we powered up into the clear Boston skies and did a 270-degree turn in stages that gave wonderful views back over Logan airport and downtown Boston.

I had deliberately chosen a seat towards the back of the cabin as American operates a FEBO ordering system (Front Even, Back Odd), i.e. on odd numbered flights such as this, service (and choice from the menu) starts at the back of the cabin. The menu was as follows:


Cheese Omelette
A three-cheese omelette accented by Saffron onions and
accompanied by sausage-potato hash
Seasonal fruit appetizer

Cereal and Fruit with Yoghurt
Served with a banana and fresh seasonal berries


Breakfast Bread Basket


Light Refreshment
Fresh baked on board Otis Spunkmeyer cookies


Pre-Arrival Beverage
Chilled sparkling water with a fresh Citrus Garnish



Sparkling Wine
Domaine Ste.-Michel Columbia Valley Brut

White Wines
Wente VS Sauvignon Blanc, Livermore Valley
Buena Vista Carneros Reserve Chardonnay

Red Wines
Treana, Paso Robles
St. Francis Sonoma County Merlot

I ordered the omelette, which was surprisingly good, along with an orange juice and a coffee. I had a bagel from the bread basket along with some cream cheese. Overall the quality and presentation of the food was very good, even though the menu choice was somewhat restricted.

There are no personal TV's in First class, so the entertainment for this five and a half hour flight was on the main screens in the ceiling. I was glad to have my Bose QC2 headphones, which were perfect for drowning out the ambient noise. Initially there were a series of CBS TV programmes made specially for American and this was followed by the main feature film, which was Wild Hogs, which I actually quite enjoyed, despite it being quite silly.

Once this was over and we were somewhere over very non-descript American prairies, I felt quite tired, despite the amount of coffee I had drunk and decided to get some shut eye. Luckily, I promptly fell asleep for the remainder of the flight and woke up as we were descending into LAX. One thing I did miss was the fresh baked cookies and milk - an American tradition.

There were no delays into LAX and we landed about 20 mins early and taxied straight to the gate. It had been an enjoyable and (shockingly some would say) alcohol-free introduction to American Airlines domestic trans-continental service. And a quick word about the crew, who were fantastic. Friendly at all times, they continually monitored the cabin and regularly offered drinks to the passengers throughout the flight.

Admirals Club at Boston

Views on departure from Boston


En route views and descent into LAX