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Day 9 : Thursday 21st June 2007

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The long road back begins

I once again awoke early and pottered. Breakfast was Eggs Benedict for the third day in a row, but it was good! After packing and sorting, I was ready for check out and after a five minute wait a taxi came to take me back to Honolulu airport, where, after brief confusion with the need to do agricultural inspection before check-in, I was soon through security and into the wonderful airside environment of HNL.

Strangely, the airside contains a number of open areas, where you can look from an open balcony directly down onto the apron where the aircraft a re parked. Furthermore, there was evidence of enormous Japanese influence, not only in the number of Japanese tourists who were evident in the terminal, but also in the fact there was a lovely Japanese garden in the grounds of the airport (again all this is airside). Walking to the far most pier where the Admiral's Club was located, I was surprised to see at least four Japan Airlines 747's parked at various gates, along with other Japanese aircraft - this really must be a huge tourist destination and it reminded me of the many US aircraft I had seen parked at Tokyo earlier in the year.

After a brief stop in the Admiral's Club, I headed back to the middle pier to the gate my flight was departing from.

AA28 Honolulu International (HNL) - San Francisco International (SFO)

On arrival in San Francisco, my suitcase was again amongst the last to arrive on the belt. However, I was soon in a taxi on my way into downtown San Francisco and enjoyed my chat with the personable, British passport holding (of Hong Kong descent) and thoroughly hard to understand taxi driver!

Honolulu airport - Japanese garden

Honolulu airport - apron views