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Day 8 : Wednesday 20th June 2007

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Laziness wins the day again!

I had had great intentions for today, which included hiring a car and driving round the island, particularly up to the North Shore and possibly visiting a few other places as well. However, I'm afraid to admit that despite the best laid plans, laziness took over and having not booked a car before my visit I decided to have another day just lazing around in the sun, swimming and reading.

This does not, of course, make for a very interesting diary entry I'm afraid. My camera was also having a relaxed day, so no photos at all today either.

In hindsight I regretted not making more of the day, but I knew at the time that I was much happier just unwinding after all that travel. Maybe if I had booked a car in advance and knew it was waiting there for me to pick up, I would have been more motivated to get out and about which is my usual style. Oh well, there's always next time!