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Day 7 : Tuesday 19th June 2007

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A lazy day in paradise

I awoke early, around 6am, after a surprisingly good night's sleep and decided to potter around for a bit, writing this diary and catching up on news from the UK via my in-room internet connection. Eventually I got showered and made my way down to breakfast, armed with my Continental breakfast voucher, which I was pleased to learn was exchangeable for $11.40 off any menu item, so I had the Eggs Benedict, one of my favourites. It was delicious.

Following that, and with the weather looking absolutely gorgeous, I headed out for an orientation walk around Waikiki and Kapiolani Park. This lasted a couple of hours or so and was extremely pleasant. With plans to see more of the island tomorrow, I headed back to the hotel and, I must admit, spent the rest of the day very lazily sunbathing by the hotel pool (and later on Waikiki beach itself), swimming and reading my book in the sun on my view-to-die-for balcony.

Dinner was a simple and not so healthy affair of pizza, and with no minibar in the room (although I did have a fridge) I purchased some very cheap beers from the local ABC stores. And that, for today, was that!

Waikiki walk

Kapiolani Park