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Day 5 : Sunday 17th June 2007

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Lexington & Concord

After yesterday's full schedule and not arriving back until late, we were always going to be slower getting started today. We decided to have breakfast on my friends' roof terrace and managed to rustle up some sausage, scrambled eggs, and a makeshift and absolutely delicious bubble and squeak made up from the left over potato we had brought home from Ruth Chris the night before (it's an American thing to take home your leftovers apparently!).

Following that, we headed out for Lexington & Concord, the two small towns just outside Boston which saw many of the main events in the American War of Independence. There is a trail between the two towns with notable locations and a number of displays of various sorts. We decided to attend a political discussion of the day at Concord bridge and followed that by a musket demonstration. By then, what had been a beautiful day had turned into a bit of a downpour, so we headed to Lexington in the car for ice cream and coffee, followed by a trip back home.

Having decided to try lobster for dinner, we dropped by a local supermarket where, much to my surprise, we were able to select our specimens from a tank of live lobsters at the fish counter. These were then promptly steamed in front of us! We could, had we chosen, have taken them home live, but as we had no previous experience of cooking lobster, we decided to err on the side of caution. Needless to say, this turned out to be a wonderfully delicious meal, along with some scallops and shrimp and with the aid of my friend's rather large BBQ (nicknamed The Monster)!

Lexington & Concord (thanks to my friend for the musket shot photo - perfectly timed!)

Lobster dinner