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Day 4 : Saturday 16th June 2007

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Rhode Island

We had a busy day ahead of us, so we rose at about 8:30am and headed out about an hour afterwards, with a brief stop at a local Starbucks for that all important caffeine boost and a muffin by way of breakfast.

We intended to visit Rhode Island today, but our first stop was at Battleship Cove, still inside Massachusetts. This museum contains a number of former naval vessels, a Destroyer, Submarine, and the centre piece being the USS Massachusetts an enormous Battleship, amongst others. While is was fascinating to walk round these vessels there was very little by way of explanation and history of these machines.

After a longer than expected visit, we continued down to Newport, RI, a charming village on the southern tip of Rhode Island. After a nice late lunch of New England fish and chips at a restaurant overlooking the yacht-laden harbour, we had a brief walk around town, before heading to the other side of the small peninsula and a beautiful cliff walk. Despite the apparently calm conditions, the surf was definitely up and there were a number of surfers in the water, some perilously close to the jagged rocks of the sea shore.

From Newport we headed back up to Providence, the state capital of RI, over the impressive Penn Bridge. At Providence we were in for a shock. A wonderfully clean and composed city centre had been taken over by the Rhode Island Gay Pride event! There were various events going on and some rather strangely dressed folk (perhaps as one would expect at a Pride event, but this was my first such experience!), the centre piece of which was a procession which we waited and watched for a while, trying to avoid the various paraphernalia being hurled from the passing floats.

Soon we were heading to the local Ruth Chris Steakhouse where we had earlier made a reservation and despite being somewhat casually dressed, we enjoyed a wonderful steak dinner. Not the cheapest in the world, but you can always be sure of a great tasting steak at Ruth Chris.

With time marching on, we headed back to Boston and I was amazed at the level of traffic on the Interstate at this time on a Saturday night Ė it was almost like rush hour. However it didnít impede our progress to much and we were back by about 11:30pm.

Battleship Cove

Newport, Rhode Island

Providence, Rhode Island

Rhode Island Pride Festival