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Day 12 : Sunday 24th June 2007

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I awoke necessarily early and was soon ready and checked out of my room. It was only a moderate walk to the terminal and I was soon checked in. I had spotted even before the agent handed me my boarding pass that I had a magical number on it - 3K. This meant that I had been upgraded to FIRST! I hadn't expected this at all as I always considered this flight to be fairly empty - it must be gaining in popularity! I walked off to the security queue with a skip in my step.

The security took much longer than I had hoped - about 25 mins and there were a number of people fearing missing their flights. It seems there must have been some cock-up somewhere for all these people to be running so late. Eventually I was through and headed straight to the BA lounge where I purposefully laid off having too much to eat - eager to take maximum advantage on board! After a short while it was time to board and I walked straight on the plane.

BA238 Boston Logan International (BOS) - London Heathrow (LHR)

After the shenanigans of waiting for a gate, I was soon on my way home, reflecting on a wonderful first part of my USA travels for 2007.