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BA6311 Cape Town Intl (CPT) - Durban Intl (DUR)
Date: 9 December 2004
Departure (scheduled): 13:30
Arrival (scheduled): 15:25
Aircraft: Boeing 737-200
Cabin: Traveller
Seat: 5A

I once again got to experience the CPT lounge, which is a nice, split level Terraces lounge with good views over the airport apron and runway.

As I was sitting in the lounge, I noticed that there was a large fire developing at the end of one of the runways . I started to get concerned that this would delay flights, but then I saw a plane land right through the smoke, so I assumed it would not be a problem (see photo below!) There was also a BA 747 resting in the South African sun before its long haul back to London in the evening, a flight I would be taking in a couple of days time .

Once boarding was called, we accessed the aircraft by walking to it as it was parked near the terminal. The aircraft was again a 737-200 classic, but this time a BA Comair version. Once onboard the flight, I was disappointed to find that it was virtually full and I had two people next to me in my window seat.

The flight was again loud, although in other respects comfortable and the inflight service was the same as the other flights. Halfway across South Africa, the clear skies and beautiful day that had started in Cape Town turned into cloud and overcast conditions that remained until we landed in Durban.

The landscape also changed dramatically. Most of South Africa is dusty veld, or grassland or desert like, with a yellowish/brownish hue, but the area around Durban, Kwazulu Natal, was much greener. It was quite a surprise when we came out of the cloud to see rolling green hills below me!

Landing into Durban was smooth and we pulled up to the small terminal of Durban International airport, one of those not-really-international-but-we've-got-a-token-international-flight-so-we'll-keep-the-name airports!

Baggage came out relatively slowly, but at least in one piece! I was glad to see my friend waiting for me in the arrivals lounge.