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BA6436 Cape Town Intl (CPT) - Johannesburg Intl (JNB)
Date: 4 December 2004
Departure (scheduled): 11:00
Arrival (scheduled): 13:00
Aircraft: Boeing 737-400
Cabin: Traveller
Seat: 8D

After waiting in the lounge, I was given my boarding pass for the flight and proceeded to the gate, where it seemed everyone had already boarded. The aircraft was parked on a remote stand, so it was necessary to get a bus round the tarmac to get to the flight.

This was my first time on Comair and I was surprised to see how much like BA it really was, from the Fight Attendant uniforms to the safety demo, I could have been on a short haul hop to Europe!

I was feeling slightly jaded, so don't remember many aspects of the flight, which was about 60% full I would guess. Certainly (and thankfully) I had the seat next to me free. Takeoff and climb out was smooth and we were soon on our way across the vast middle of South African on our way to Johannesburg.

The food and drink service was again similar to BA shorthaul with a sandwich and a drink provided. There was no in flight entertainment or drop down screens showing a skymap, although I don't think this is a feature of 737's. So I passed most of the flight reading the inflight magazine (Comair do have a different one of these) and snoozing.

Soon we were nearing Johannesburg where we landed and parked at a remote stand for a short bus ride round to the domestic terminal. Overall a pleasant introduction to BA's Comair operation in South Africa.