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Day 8 : Friday 9th December 2004

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Rural Kwazulu-Natal and Zulu village visit

The sun rises very early in the morning in Durban and with my friends having a baby they were both up and about long before I surfaced! When I had eventually got ready, we popped down to a local cafe for a delicious breakfast and then had a walk along the promenade again in the glorious morning sunshine.

Today we planned to head out to an African crafts market and then on to a Zulu village mock-up. The market was interesting and I was in the hunt for keepsakes. We also took the opportunity to buy some more Biltong , which I was developing quite a taste for!

We then went to the mock-up Zulu village which was basically a type of theme park showing off the Zulu culture. There was a presentation by some Zulus about their culture and way of life and then a series of dances and Zulu music, with a backdrop of the breath-taking Valley of a Thousand Hills.

Another part of the site was a crocodile farm, containing a surprising number of crocodiles, one of which was absolutely enormous - by far the biggest croc I've ever seen! And over 100 years old as well!!

On the way back, we drove down the road (or part of it!) that is used for the Comrade's Marathon - the complete mentalist ultra marathon that is run between Durban and Pietermaritz, a distance of 89km (56 miles).

In the evening we went to a local fish restaurant only a short car journey from the house. Again it was lovely food and very enjoyable.

Zulu village mock-up