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Vienna, Austria



Having travelled long haul a few times recently, I decided to take advantage of a BA Club sale and see some cities on my continent! And top of the list was always going to be Vienna, which I had heard much about and never visited. This would also be my first time in Austria.


I spent most of Saturday just walking round the town. Most of the attractions are on Ringstrasse, but I also made diversions to Karlsplatz and the Belvedere palace. On Sunday, I again walked out to the Hundertwasserhaus, KunstHausWien and then a short trip on the U-Bahn to the Schönbrunn palace.

Unfortunately many of the famous buildings were blighted by scaffolding or other building work, it seemed that the whole of Vienna was being renovated! Also, it is difficult to photograph many of the buildings, as they are huge, and have little room round them to fit them all in!

Stadtpark (including Johann Strauss and Franz Schubert statues)

Stephansdom (sorry about the blurry inside picture!)


Belvedere Palace

Schönbrunn Palace



Hundertwasserhaus and KunstHausWien

Rathaus and Burgtheater

Danube Canal

Other photos