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Andalucia Flights



  Day Date Flight No. From Dep To Arr Aircraft Cabin Seat Miles
Fri 4-Feb-05 BA484 LHR 10:30 BCN 13:35 320 J 3A 713
Fri 4-Feb-05 IB1238 BCN 16:20 AGP 17:50 752 J 1F 475
Mon 7-Feb-05 IB1241 AGP 18:05 BCN 19:30 752 J 1F 475
Mon 7-Feb-05 IB4180 BCN 20:55 LHR 22:10 320 J 1F 713

Flight 1 : BA 484 LHR - BCN

This was my first ever trip in Club Europe, so I was eager to see what the service would be like. I arrived at Terminal 1 in good time and easily (as always) made my way through the excellent Zone R premium check-in facility .

The lounge was reasonably empty and I grabbed a newspaper and had a bowl of cereals and an OJ, although I didn't want to spoil my appetite for the food we would get on board.

Boarding was called and was completed with little fuss. Club Europe was fairly empty, maybe 5 people in 4 rows, and I was the only one on my row, taking the A window seat. Unfortunately I was not asked for my jacket to hang (everyone else was), so had to go up and ask it to be put away.

LHR was not so busy this Friday morning and we were lined up and took off into the overcast skies. The low cloud was soon below us and we had a lovely view of a blanket covered south of England.

The breakfast service was started and I got my tray, but no bread roll (which was offered to everyone else). I had to ask for one. I was starting to get the impression that this would be "one of those" crews that BA seem to have occasionally who simply don't give a damn. They were all over the guy in Row 1 who I think had just come off a long haul FIRST flight (he had the F eye shades etc.).

Once the main tray is given out, the cooked breakfast was delivered and this was delicious. It was accompanied by a lovely fruit salad and some nice coffee.

After 90 minutes or so, we started our descent over the stunningly beautiful Pyrenees. We had a short wait to get into BCN, a small loop over the Med from where I could just about see the Gaudi cathedral in the centre of Barcelona before landing.

Flight 1 photos

Iberia Flights - Domestic

Iberia's domestic flights in Business were much less exclusive than BA's Club Europe, but only in line with that I had been led to believe. The BCN-AGP legs were quite empty, only 3-4 people in a business class of 4 rows of 3-3 layout (no change in seat from economy).

The food and drink service was fairly ordinary. A dry jamon and cheese roll and the usual choice of alcoholic beverages, although Cava was provided instead of champagne. The 757's used on both legs were fairly old and not particularly clean . But the flights themselves were comfortable and I can have no real complaints - only that there is utterly no point to this class and/or anyone paying for it!

Iberia Flights - International

The last leg of the trip was the return back from BCN to LHR, so I was eager to see what difference there would be between BA and IB, although this flight was the evening service, so there would be a food difference obviously.

The first difference is that IB still use 3-3 seat layout, compared to BA's 2-3. But apparently they try not to sell the middle seats - but there were only 5 people in 48 seats, so its hard to tell!

The menu was impressive, containing about 5-6 different things, starting with a terrine of foie gras, then a mixed salad with a slice of chicken breast stuffed with mozzarella and a battered hake fillet, with a tiramisu and cheese and biscuit to finish . I was very impressed! Also I had a lovely white wine to wash it all down with.

On this service, IB have in-flight entertainment (which BA do not) which is shown on the drop-down screens above the seats. It was in Spanish (which I don't speak), but it was a comedy show where some guy was playing tricks on passers-by, so it was watchable even without speaking the language.

No delays into LHR which was a nice change, but we were past 10pm, so not that surprising. Overall a positive experience of BA and IB on this trip.