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My trip to Andalucia was born out of a rather nice Expedia fare on Iberia Business class which allowed one to take 4 flights (London to Malaga via Barcelona) for relatively little money. This would provide me with enough BA tier points to re-qualify for Silver for another year, so I decided to go for it. Not being one to just take flights for the sake of it, I decided to make a long weekend out of it, taking the Friday and Monday off and having 4 days to explore the south of Spain - a region I had never visited before.

Places visited

We stayed at a hotel in Torremelinos which, even though quiet in February, is not a particularly nice place to spend any time at all. We hired a car and had two and a half days of actual visiting. On the first day we visited the beautiful mountain town of Ronda and then carried on along the coast and visited Gibraltar.

Day two involved a long-ish drive up to Grenada to see the Alhambra fort, then on up into the Sierra Nevada mountains, before heading back to the coast, stopping off at Nerja on the way back. On the third day, we stuck to visiting Malaga in the morning and then flew back in the afternoon.




Alhambra (Grenada)