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Day 5 : Wednesday 9th March 2005

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Lazy Day in Sydney (and Manly)!

After a rather disturbed night's sleep and jet lag setting in, today was always going to be a rather sedate affair! It started with another nice breakfast on Darling Harbour. After this, we decided to catch a ferry to Circular Quay. This is only a short hop on the Cat Ferry, but it does go under the Harbour Bridge and round by the Opera House.

After an half an hour or so trying unsuccessfully to change my friend's return flights, we returned to Circular Quay and took a ferry over to Manly. Despite buying a slow ferry ticket, rather than the Super Cat, we ended up on the latter. They must have replaced the normal ferry sailing with one of the quick ones, which take only half the time (15 mins) to reach Manly. The Manly ferry is one of the best ways to experience Sydney Harbour, or Port Jackson, to give it its proper name.

Once in Manly, we walked the short length of the Corso, which is the street that leads from the Bay beach to the Ocean beach (Manly sits on a relatively slim strip of land that separates the Bay from the Ocean). After a short walk on the Ocean beach, we took a delicious lunch in nearby cafe, I had chicken, spinach and mayonnaise in Turkish bread. Delicious!

We returned to Circular Quay on the normal ferry this time, which although slower allows great views of the key landmarks in Sydney. After all this time in the strong sun, I was starting to feel tired, so we went back to the hotel to have a rest and a freshen up.

And that was it, until the evening when we hit Darling Harbour for a lovely meal of Fish n' Chips and a few beers in a nearby pub. There was a large and spectacular firework display, seemingly for no reason, well no reason that the restaurant staff knew! Although there was a floating restaurant that seemed to contain many black tie diners which had sailed into the harbour especially for it. Must have been some corporate do!

And that, as they say, was that for today!

Manly Ferry