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Day 21 : Friday 25th March 2005

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Good Friday

Today was Good Friday, a public holiday and this was confirmed when I opened the curtains and there was no traffic whatsoever on the normally busy intersection outside the hotel.

We got out relatively early and wandered into town, noticing that most shops appeared to be closed today. We went back to the same cafe as we'd had breakfast at the day before to grab something to eat. I have a friend in Auckland who I used to work with in London so we got in touch with her and arranged to meet up early in the afternoon.

We decided to stroll down to Victoria Park where there was a game of cricket on and noticed a market there called Victoria Park market, which we ambled around. We then headed down to the waterfront and Victoria Harbour again, the first time we'd seen it in daylight. We walked right out to the end of Princes Wharf and back. By this time our legs were getting a little weary, so we grabbed a taxi and headed up to Mt Eden, where we'd agreed to meet my friend.

Mt Eden is an extinct volcano fairly near the centre of the city with beautiful views and a stunning grass-covered caldera. We only stayed briefly to meet my friend, before hopping back in the taxi and heading over to Mission Bay where we set up stall at a pub on the main promenade and enjoyed a few beers and a catch up with my former colleague who I hadn't seen in over a year.

After a few beers, we decided to ditch any further plans for the day and headed back to Victoria Harbour where we had a few more beers...and a few more! This activity occupied the rest of the day and night . We got back to the hotel rather late and, not surprisingly, rather merry!

Auckland stroll and Mt Eden views