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Day 20 : Thursday 24th March 2005

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Originally we had planned to do another day of driving today and head up north to the Bay of Islands for a day trip, but we decided that after two solid days of driving and with Easter weekend traffic likely towards the end of the day at least, that we would return the car early and have an extra day in Auckland.

Our first stop was breakfast at a cafe near the Sky Tower, just after we dropped the car off. After that we decided to go on an extended walk back to the hotel to adjust our clothing (Auckland was surprisingly muggy) and then on to the Auckland Museum, where we spent a couple of hours. The museum is huge, and we decided to split up so that we could pace ourselves round and concentrate on the areas that we were interested in. We had a quick snack lunch in the museum cafe and then headed back into town and a stroll round Albert Park.

We were intending to leave the Sky Tower until the next day, but decided, in absence of anything better to do, to head up today. There are two levels on the tower and we headed for the highest point first. It was both extremely high and very open and I must admit to feeling a bit of vertigo and dizziness. Once round and I was ready to head lower to the main observation deck which is larger and feels more secure!

There is an intriguing method of getting down from the tower, namely a type of bungy jump, although your descent is restricted and the bungy cord is tied to a body harness, so you are the right way up. Also you don't bounce at the bottom, but are rather caught on a platform just above street level.

As you can imagine, I didn't choose this method of descent! Rather after taking a few photos, including one of me standing on one of the glass floor blocks (very scary) we got the escalator back down.

In the evening, we headed back to the Victoria Harbour area and in the pouring rain eventually decided on a restaurant for our evening meal of Middle Eastern cuisine, if I remember rightly, which was sumptuous.


Sky Tower views