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Day 2 : Sunday 6th March 2005

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Singapore Stopover (2)

As our hotel was on the Singapore River, we decided to start the day with a walk down into Boat Quay, stopping off at the Museum of History for a spot of so-so breakfast. Initial rain soon gave way quickly to dry, but overcast conditions. As usual for Singapore it was hot and humid throughout!

We walked along Boat Quay, over the venerable Cavenagh Bridge, past Raffles statue and then the Padang, where preparations for a Sunday cricket game were in progress. We walked past the Raffles hotel, where we intended to return in the evening for the special drink!

A tourist walk soon gave way, however, to a prolonged bout of shopping, which mainly involved a long visit to Sim Lim Square where after much haggling we purchased a digital camera for my friend. A very late lunch of noodles soon followed, after which we wondered back the way we had come all the way back to the hotel (well, with a short pit stop at Brewerkz of course ).

After a short swim in the luxurious, but very cold hotel pool, we headed out to Raffles to sample the famous Singapore Sling, which was invented here in the early 1900's. Now, the bar is supposed to be called the Long Bar, but we ended up in the Writers Bar, which is essentially in the lobby. IT was quite long though, so I'm not entirely sure whether we did the proper thing or not, but there were plenty of other people sitting there drinking Slings, so I don't think we can have gone too wrong!

What followed can only be described as a crawl. After a fabulous dinner at a curry house on Boat Quay, where I had the exquisite Tiger Prawn curry (whose proper name is still slips my memory), I decided to sample Singapore Slings all the way back to the hotel. After my detailed research, I can definitely say that Raffles serves the best Sling in Singapore, just don't ask me about the rest of the evening, I can't remember!

Riverside Walk

Raffles Statue, Supreme Court, Padang, Raffles Hotel

Boat Quay by night