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Day 3 : Monday 27th September 2004

Lounging around in Van!

It being Monday and our friends had to go back to work, so there were just two of us. However, one of my other friends, who normally lives in Edinburgh, so I don't see her that often, had emailed me several months back and said that she was going to be in Vancouver at the same time as us (her first time in Canada). We had to take advantage of this bizarre co-incidence and arrange a meet-up for lunch!

Having again woke up early, we decided to take a walk along the south shore of the downtown area, along False Creek, English Bay and then to Stanley Park. Despite having our way blocked by a number of construction site building new high-rises, we progressed all the way along to Stanley Park, where we decided to play a quick round of Pitch and Putt golf. Both being pretty rubbish at golf, this took much longer than we originally anticipated. Luckily, our friends were late as well and came down and met us at the course.

We had a lovely lunch at Cardero's, which is a restaurant in the Marina, which juts out over the water on stilts. At this point, the fog which had clouded the city from dawn (a common occurrence in Vancouver) lifted and revealed the beauty of the north shore mountains once again.

After lunch we started walking around Stanley Park. We didn't get too far before finding some Totem Poles and, most surprisingly, a rather well placed cricket pitch (for the views anyway). We wandered round a bit further, and ended up heading back to the downtown area and decided to peruse the rather excellent shops on Robson St. However, given this was the start of our holiday, the thought of lugging a load of purchases round for the next two weeks was unappealing, so it went no further than a bit of browsing!

In the evening, we all went out to a quite nice sports bar in the Yaletown area. Can't remember what I ate, but it was nice and accompanied by one too many beers unfortunately , so I can't really remember much of the night!