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Day 15 : Saturday 9th October 2004

The last day

I had hoped that the weather would be nice for our last day in Canada, but alas when I woke up the skies were grey and the rain was falling. As our flight was in the evening, we decided to look around the shops and see if we could pick up any bargains.

A few hours later and a few shops visited, we had some bags full of goodies. Clothes are so much cheaper over here!

After a light lunch, we headed down to the waterfront and decided to visit the IMAX cinema and see if anything was on. We booked in for an underwater adventure film, which was interesting, but more aimed at children. The 3D effects were their usual pretty amazing self though.

Following that and an hour or so in the Virgin Megastore and it was time to head back, pack and change and head for the airport. With that our holiday was at an end ... all that remained was to look forward to another 9 hours of FIRST class luxury and then that really would be it!

BA84 Vancouver Intl (YVR) - London Heathrow (LHR)