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SQ116 Singapore Changi International (SIN) - Kuala Lumpur International (KUL)

Date: 22 March 2007
Departure (scheduled): 17:00
Arrival (scheduled): 17:55
Aircraft: Boeing 777-200
Cabin: First
Seat: 15A

For Singapore First class there is a kerbside concierge who helped me into the separate First class check-in area where, like Thai Air, my luggage and passport were taken from me while I sat in comfort and awaited the necessary processing to be done. The agent was soon back along with my boarding pass.

I was soon making my way to the First class lounge, which to be very honest I found quite dark and dingy. But the food and drink on offer was very nice, although I noticed the bar didn't open until 3:30pm, although the waitresses could fetch champagne for you if required (it was required) .

The lounge does have windows, but they are heavily tinted allowing in little natural light. However I did notice that the sky had gone very dark and when I heard an almighty clap of thunder and realised that I couldn't see more than about 100m out the window due to the absolutely torrential rain, I realised that there might start being flight delays. In the end there were - not many, but of course mine was included and we were pushed back until 5:30pm - not too bad really, given that an almighty electrical storm had descended on Changi.

I placed myself at the bar when it opened and unfortunately the barman was far too good at his job, constantly refilling my glass of Dom Perignon. I must have easily got through a bottle - not what was intended but there we are. Suffice to say at the end of this little binge I was feeling rather pickled - not too much to cause any problems, but certainly a warm giggly feel that is for sure . This is the primary reason why there are no photos for this sector .

Eventually I made it to the aircraft and took my seat 15A, a window seat only a couple of rows from the front. Slightly bizarrely, Singapore Airlines use 2-class 777's for this route and use the seat which they sell as business class for other regional routes. However on this route it is sold as First. Bizarre. Anyway, the cabin was pretty full and it was a 2-3-2 layout of about 4 rows starting at row 12!

The flight is very short, not more than 40 minutes in the air and the service is therefore very hurried. Luckily the storm had mostly passed as we took off and there was little in the way of turbulence during the flight. Out of a choice of turkey salad or chicken wrap I had the latter and despite the hurried service, the presentation and taste of the food was absolutely top quality.

Soon we were descending into Kuala Lumpur and quickly taxied to our stand at the satellite terminal once we landed.