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Day 6 : Thursday 15th March 2007

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From Bangkok to Beijing

As a habitual paranoid about missing flights, I had set three alarms (bedside alarm clock, mobile phone and wake-up call) so it was a race to see which would awaken me, the alarm clock winning by virtue of the fact that it was five minutes fast ! So I was up at 6:55am having at last had an undisturbed, although short night's sleep. I was soon jumping in the shower to wake up.

For breakfast I tried a different type of egg and chose the three egg omelette with mushroom and cheese. It was delicious and I was soon bidding a rather fond farewell to my beloved IC Bangkok Club lounge. Check-out was painless, only a bar of Toblerone to pay for and I was soon in a taxi heading for Bangkok airport, a journey which was to take substantially less time than I feared.

TG614 Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International (BKK) - Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK)

On arrival at Beijing airport, the place was deserted and I was through customs and immigration in no time! The taxi queue was small-ish and I was soon on my way into town, although deeply concerned that the taxi driver had no clue where he was going. Luckily he headed in the right direction and before it could go too pear-shaped, called the hotel on his mobile (luckily I had written down the number) and got firmer directions. Still, this was Beijing in rush hour and it took a good hour to get to the hotel, on the other side of central Beijing from the airport.

This was my first stay at the IC Beijing (my first time in mainland China in fact!) and despite a queue at reception I was soon on my way up to the Club lounge for a proper check-in. My room was extremely nice, although I wasted no time in getting back down to the Club to have evening canapés before time was up. Following that, a good bout of updating this trip report was in order before succumbing to the inevitable sleepiness caused by the day's activities.