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Day 5 : Wednesday 14th March 2007

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Thai people don't sweat, whereas I do

After another fitful night's sleep, I woke rather wearily at 9:30am and took an awful long time to get going. I had another breakfast in the Club lounge, this time opting for poached eggs on rosti potatoes with smoked salmon. It was delicious.

By the time I eventually ventured out, I decided to head down to Lumphini Park, a short-ish walk from the hotel. Again it was ridiculously hot and humid, but I plodded on regardless, armed with my little bottle of Evian from the mini bar! Lumphini park is lovely, much nicer than I remember it in fact from my last visit. After ambling mindlessly around I took the exit through Silom subway station and caught the Skytrain back to Siam, where I decided to have an extensive tour of the shopping centres located there.

When I got back to the hotel I was suddenly overcome by a fit of piety and, having recently signed up for the Windsor Half Marathon, decided to head up to the 36th floor gym for a work out. I doubt I shall ever have such a good view from a running machine in my life! After that it was of course time to use the pool to cool off and unwind for the day.

Yet again the canapés at the Club lounge filled me up and I had no need to take an additional dinner option. In any case, I needed to pack and with a relatively early start in the morning, I hadn't inteneded on having a late night, of course I eventually got off to bed at about 12:30am .

By the way, if you're wondering about that rather strange title to today's entry - while I was walking round Lumphini park, there appeared to be some kind of race taking place, in which all the athletes were wearing full tracksuits - not just shorts and T-shirt. I saw several of the laggards finish and despite them all looking absolutely knackered, not one of them was showing the slightest outward sign of perspiration. This was true of all other Thais I can remember meeting. They must not be human!! The second part of the title needs no explanation of course!

Erawak Shrine

Lumphini Park