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Day 4 : Tuesday 13th March 2007

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Another lazy day in Bangkok ... and a Flyertalk dinner

After a disturbed night's sleep, no doubt due to my disrupted sleep patterns over the last few days, I woke eventually at 9:30am and took a lovely breakfast of Eggs Benedict in the Club lounge. By the time I got back to my room, showered, checked email etc. it was nearer midday before I ventured out.

As the old saying goes with Englishmen and the midday sun, it was again appallingly hot. I headed for the local Sky train station and bought a day pass for THB 120. Armed with this, I headed on the Skytrain down to the river at the end of the Silom line at Saphan Taksim, intending to take a walk around this area which is where many of the five star hotels are based.

After a few hours walking around in the searing heat, rather aimlessly I must admit, I could stand it no longer and found my way back to the Skytrain for the trip back to Chit Lom where the IC is based. While this does not sound like the most adventurous of outings, the appalling heat had to be experienced to be believed - I was drenched by the time I got back and feeling somewhat dehydrated. There was only one thing for it - upon returning to the hotel I drank a couple of litres of water (not all in one go!) and took a refreshing dip in the hotel's rooftop pool, before reclining in the late afternoon sun for a spot of reading.

Luckily my day was about to get more interesting as I had spotted on Flyertalk a few weeks before that there was going to be a dinner in Bangkok that evening which I had registered my interest in attending. After a shower and a quick visit to the Club lounge for a cheeky glass of champagne, I headed back out onto the Skytrain and again down to the river. The restaurant that had been selected was the wonderful Sirocco, which is situated at the top of one of Bangkok's tallest buildings, the State Tower. It is an open air affair, with wonderful views over Bangkok. Thanks to Robert for organising what was a wonderful night of food, wine, beer and lots of interesting Flyertalk discussion!

Afternoon walk and Skytrain ride

FT dinner at Sirocco