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Day 3 : Monday 12th March 2007

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Bangkok recovery

Bangkok's new Suvarnabhumi airport was fairly empty at this time in the morning, although we did park a long way away from immigration and the walk, assisted by moving walkways, still took about 10 mins. Luckily at immigration there were only a couple of people in front of me and when I arrived at the baggage belt, my suitcase was already there!

I got a kerbside taxi and was soon on my way into central Bangkok, experiencing just how bad traffic can be in this city, the last mile took as long as the rest of the journey combined. I eventually arrived at the IC just after 9am, where I was escorted straight up to the Club lounge to check-in. Again my Royal Ambassador status came into play and my room was ready for me at that early hour.

On reaching my room, I briefly logged on and checked my email, before succumbing to increasing tiredness, unsurprising after two consecutive nights on planes, and promptly fell asleep until ... 3pm . As usual with daytime sleeping I felt pretty rough when I got up, so I had a nice refreshing shower and decided to pop out of the hotel to have a brief walk around the local streets. The heat was simply appalling, around 37C (almost 100F) and 100% humidity - I was bathed in sweat within a couple of minutes of going outside. I was thankful of two large air-conditioned shopping malls close by the hotel in which to shelter for a while!!

After picking up a couple of essentials I was soon back in the hotel and after a brief sojourn in my room, went up to the Club lounge for evening canapés. I'm sure the food selection in the lounge has reduced since the last time I was there, but there was still a very nice spread, including some lovely sushi which I tucked in to, along with several glasses of champagne. After a couple of hours of reading my book, I returned to my room intending to have a room service dinner, but I realised that I had eaten plenty in the lounge, so ended up not bothering with anything else! Instead I worked on this trip diary and got the first few days/flights up online and posted it on Flyertalk. And that was it for today - an admittedly lazy day mostly spent catching up on some desperately needed sleep!

Central World Shopping Mall

Crazy Bangkok traffic