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Day 13 : Thursday 22nd March 2007

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Singapore to KL

Today was going to be a day of two halves - the morning spent seeing Singapore again and then the afternoon spent getting only a few hundred miles up the Malay peninsula to Kuala Lumpur, better known as KL, in the comfort of Singapore Airlines first class cabin again.

I got off to a reasonably early start at about 10am and immediately headed off in the direction of Orchard Road, the famous shopping street in Singapore. Whilst not intending to buy anything - there are few bargains in this part of the City anyway - I thought it would make an interesting start to the day. As I wandered around that area, I noticed the magnificent architecture of the Singapore History Museum and decided purely on a whim to pay it a visit. What an excellent decision - it was a fantastic museum, if a little slow at first. You get a complimentary audio guide, but if you listened to everything on it, you would be there for days, so selectivity is the name of the game.

I took an extended walk back to the hotel, via the Padang and Raffles hotel and upon returning to my room had a refreshing shower before packing and checking out at about 2pm. The journey to the airport by taxi was quick, although from being fine and sunny on pick-up, there was an absolutely torrential downpour on route (including hail), and then it was sunny again at drop-off - all this within the space of about 25 minutes!!!

SQ116 Singapore Changi International (SIN) - Kuala Lumpur International (KUL)

Kuala Lumpur airport was quickly navigated and I was lucky to make a soon departing KLIA Ekspres Tren (seriously that's how they spell Express Train here) to Sentral Stesen (Central Station). Malaysian spelling was going to keep me well amused on this brief stop in KL! The Hilton is situated at the Central Station and there was a concierge at the top of the stairs from the train who helped me into a waiting transit minibus which took me the 30m (again, seriously) to the door of the hotel, although to be fair it was about 4 storeys up.

Check-in was easy and in fact due to the unavailability of my room type, hardly credible at 8pm to be honest, I was upgraded to the next level which was the same room type but with Executive lounge access. The room was fantastic, I would almost go so far as to say the best hotel room I've stayed in - more on this on the Hotels page. I was too late for evening canapés and not full enough for room service, so just relaxed for what remained of the evening.

Singapore History Museum

Singapore wander