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Main Sections

As can be seen on the left hand side menu, this site is divided into the main trips that I have taken.

A two week trip to Vancouver, Vancouver Island and the Canadian Rockies in September/October 2004.

South Africa
A one week trip to Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban in December 2004.

New Zealand
A three week trip to Singapore (2 days), Sydney (4 days) and New Zealand (2 weeks) in March 2005.

A one week trip to Los Angeles and San Francisco in September 2005.

Asian Tour
A two week trip to Bangkok, Beijing, Tokyo, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur in March 2007.

USA 2007
A two part trip to the US in 2007 taking in New York, Boston, Hawaii, San Francisco, Las Vegas and San Diego!

Short Reports
A collections of reports on shorter trips I have undertaken since 2005.

Inspiration for this site

The inspiration to share my travel experiences comes from two main sources. Some time in the summer of 2003 I did casual Google search, the intention being to answer a question I had regarding miles on my British Airways frequent flyer account. I stumbled across a site, which I now can't believe I survived without - I don't think any serious traveller can get by without it! A site which is full of people who love travelling and love collecting miles, just like me! That site is

Through this website, I found that a number of the members there had created their own websites to record their travel diaries and photos. One of the posters who goes by the username Steady-EDI had set up his own website to record his travels round the world. From this great resource I drew inspiration.

And here we are. My site is designed to share my photos and experiences on my various travels round the world, along with reviewing various hotel and flight products that I experience. I hope you enjoy my site as much as I enjoyed creating it (well, at least doing the travel required to create it)!

Site design & content

The menu on the left points to the various sections of this site, each of which deals with a specific trip, although "Short Reports" deals with shorter trips and miscellaneous photos that don't warrant a full section on their own.

Despite the title of this website, the content is deliberately anonymous. If you would like to contact me, please send me an email to